CIRCODU has, since its inception, been engaged in monitoring for clean indoor air pollution and promoting greener technologies, particularly, improved household and institutional wood/charcoal cookstoves that reduce indoor air pollution and fuel consumption. Working with our local and international partners, we have been engaged in performing several studies like Kitchen Performance Tests (KPTs) and Kitchen Surveys on fuel saving stoves produced by local companies. In addition to these CIRCODU is heavily involved in emission tests, durability tests, baselines studies, water consumption tests and lots of research.

CIRCODU is now a regional Knowledge and testing centre for East Africa supported by the Global Alliance for clean cookstoves. Under this grant CIRCODU has been provided with equipment and training to enhance its capacity to do field testing for cookstoves.


CIRCODU is an advocate of a clean environment through promoting such technologies.

CIRCODU’s greatest asset is their dynamic staffs who have diverse but complimentary professional backgrounds and are all actively engaged in projects addressing environmental issues like pollution, climate change, ecosystem protection, etc. CIRCODU will contribute more to such causes through research, advocacy and community outreach.

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