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Training to Empower the Community to Produce and Market Briquettes as an alternative Fuel

CIRCODU with support from the International Development International Network (IDIN) held its first training to produce and market briquettes as an alternative fuel with local women groups in Kikoni from 7th to 11th August 2017. The training involved theory and practical sessions on briquette production and marketing. Through these sessions the participants were able to make briquettes and fabricate prototypes of simple briquette making tools. The participants also had the opportunity to visit the following briquette factories; Masupa Enterprises and Kampala Jellitone Suppliers Limited Kampala. We thank all our partners/facilitators and the participants for their enthusiasm and cooperation during the training. Masupa Enterprises Raising Gabdho foundation Renewable Energy Incubator and College of Engineering, Design and Art, Makerere University. Please visit our Gallery, to see some pictures from the training.


Willingness-To-Pay and Consumer Acceptance Assessment for clean cooking in Uganda

CIRCODU, as a Regional Testing and Knowledge Center for East Africa supported by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves since 2012. The center conducts in-field testing of cookstoves in households and institutions in Uganda and beyond. The field testing activities include fuel consumption measurements, stove emissions, and stove usage monitoring. The center also presents the capability to conduct focus group discussions, key informant interviews, willingness-to-pay and ability-to-accept studies, baseline and project surveys, fuel price surveys and market intelligence studies among others. The center also conducts laboratory testing of cookstoves and fuel. The laboratory testing activities include thermal efficiency measurements, durability tests, safety tests, and emissions tests, fuel physical and thermos-chemical properties. Various stove types have been tested by the center –including local and imported household charcoal/wood stoves as well as institutional stoves.

Willingness-To-Pay and Consumer Acceptance Assessment for clean cooking in Uganda: In conjunction with Rebel group International, in the Netherlands, CIRCODU has been carrying out a Willingness-To-Pay and Consumer Acceptance assessment for clean cooking in Uganda. The study involves: Kitchen Performance Tests,Baseline demographics and social impact survey, Stove dissemination Placement of Stove Usage Monitors SUMs ibutton), Willingness to pay and willingness to accept using the Becker-deGroot-Marschak (BDM) method and Stove durability.

  • CIRCODU conducted a Consumer testing for Key Facts Documents (KFDs). The consumer study was to test the draft KFDs with existing as well as potential consumers of financial services to ascertain in how far the draft KFDs correspond to the (potential) consumers’ needs for disclosure in relation to financial products. Based on the findings from the study, the KEY FACTS DOCUMENTS (KFDs) are no being used in all Banks regulated by Bank of Uganda (B.O.U)
  • Internship positions for University students are also available at CIRCODU but intake is on first come basis.

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